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FEMFIGS [some sculptural nudity]
1/6th-Scale Female
Femfigs@OSW Men with Dolls

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Charlie's Angels

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(a.k.a. FEMFIGS)


The Amazons
Hua Mulan
Sheena, Queen of the Jungle
Wonder Woman
Samus Aran
from Metroid video game series
Charly Baltimore
from The Long Kiss Goodnight
The Black Scorpion
Modesty Blaise
Dr. Temperance Brennan
a.k.a. "Bones"
Sgt. Calhoun
from Wreck-It Ralph
Peggy Carter
from Marvel's Agent Carter
Charlie's Angels
Abbey Chase, Danger Girl
from Portal video game series
Sarah Connor
from Terminator series
Lara Croft, Tomb Raider
Maggie DuBois
from The Great Race
Electra Woman & Dyna Girl
from Monsters vs. Aliens
Major Motoko Kusanagi
from Ghost in the Shell
from The Perils of Pauline
Emma Peel
Jane Porter-Clayton
from Tarzan series
Ellen Ripley
from Alien series
Natalia Romanova, the Black Widow
a.k.a. Natasha Romanoff
Evelyn Salt
Pat Savage
from "Doc" Savage series
Det. Jane Seever
from Life [TV series]
She Spies
Jaime Sommers, the Bionic Woman
Nikita Taylor
a.k.a. La Femme Nikita
V. I. Warshawski
Honey West

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action doll: n. A redressible action figure, technically speaking, an ARTHROPLANG.

action figure: n. A posable figure, technically speaking, an ARTHRANDRIANT.

artiBabs: n. An articulated (Mattel) BARBIE; also, arti-Babs. [♁]

barbie: 1. n. a. Any playscale female fashion doll (a.k.a. a Barbarienne), genericized from b. Cap. a trademark for Mattel's ubiquitous fashion doll. 2. pref. [Of FEMFIGS] Having a (Mattel) BARBIE head or rooted hair.

beau: n. Any playscale male fashion doll, aka a KEN [genericized from the Mattel figure].

danseuse: n. A female dancer, specifically, the "Ballerina" ARTI-BABS body style recognized by its molded toeshoes and ankle articulation.

Darbie: 1. n. A (Mattel) Barbie with a headsculpt of a [Walt] Disney or (L. case) similar animated character. 2. Such a headsculpt on a kitbashed figure, as in Darbie-Jane. [portmanteau Disney(esque) Barbie]

Denny: n. A male Darbie. [portmanteau Disney(esque) Ken(ny)]

Earlene: n. An Ertl "jane." [⚴]

fashion doll: n. A redressible figure with minimal articulation, technically speaking, an ESTHETOPLANG. [⚲]

fashion figure: n. a pink-aisle action doll, like an artiBabs, or a ball-jointed doll (esp. those with high-heel feet). [portmanteau fashion doll action figure] [ᚳ]

femfig n. A female action doll, technically speaking, a PLANGONANDRIANT. [portmanteau female (action) figure] [⚩]

FHemfig n. a fuzzhead femfig. [⋒]

fuzzhead: n. An action doll with flocked hair, usually male. [♈]

GQ ?: title. Shorthand for a "joe" [see below] used as a male fashion doll [⧓], such as:
  • GQ DRAKE- A Dragon figure [Drake means "Dragon"],
  • GQ FITZ- A Soldier of the World figure [made by Formative International Toys],
  • GQ LUC- A Lanard Ultra Corps [L.U.C.] figure (aka GQ Lenny),
  • GQ PETE- A Power Team figure [from PT, shortened to one syllable, like "jeep"],
  • GQ SAM- 21st Century's Ultimate Soldier [from Soldier, Sailor, Airman, Marine],
  • GQ WALLY- A WalMart [Kid Connection] figure or similar generic.
Superspy-types, like Max Steel, are already GQ, so that would be redundant.

jane: n. a. Any playscale FEMFIG, genericized from b. Cap. (Hasbro's) GI Jane, used in:
  • Barbie-Jane Any (Mattel) BARBIE-headed or other ROOTHEAD "jane," [♁]
  • Skipper-Jane Any "jane" with a more teen-like figure reminiscent of Mattel's Teen Skipper body (e.g. Lanard's I-Girls, Get Real Girls & Girl's Mission figures), [⫱]
  • Trixie-Jane Any "jane" with an outdoorswoman motif,
    like Super Peggy & Super Sandy. [⟴]
  • Lara-Jane Any extreme adventuress "jane," [⚨]
  • GI Jane Any militaristic [⚦], PAINTHEAD [⩄] or FUZZHEAD [⋒] "jane."
Janewear: n. Playscale adventuress clothing.

-Jo: name suffix A name denoting a militaristic Jane-type figure [⚦], as in:
jockette: n. A female athlete [from jock, an athlete + -ette, female], specifically, the "Gymnast" ARTI-BABS body style recognized by its flat feet, because many were released under athletic themes, such as gymnastics, aerobics, cheerleading, baseball, basketball & soccer.

joe: n. a. Any playscale MANDOLL [male action doll] genericized from b. Cap. (Hasbro's) GI Joe, used in:
  • GQ Joe A fashion-themed "joe," esp. when based on Hasbro's GI Joe.
  • Kenny-Joe Any "joe" with a Ken-type head [⦽] or hair that is wigged [♌] or rooted [⟱].
Lana: n. An I-Girl or any other "jane" produced by Lanard, a.k.a. Lanny. [Lanard, truncated] [⇴]

Marcy: n.
  1. A hybrid femfig [⚢] having a Mattel/Barbie head sculpt on a Cy Girl body.
  2. (lower case) any hybrid femfig having a similar head sculpt on a similar body.
[acronym MAttel-Recapitated CY (Girl)]

Midgewear: n. Playscale female casualwear or dailywear, as opposed to Barbie's typical high-fashion wardrobe [from Mattel's Midge (Hadley), who was initially marketed as Barbie's non-fashion model friend].

painthead: n. An action doll with sculpted hair, usually male. [⟱]

PHemfig n. a painthead femfig. [⩄]

pink aisle: n. The Barbie-related aisle, as in a toy store [from its emphasis of traditionally feminine pursuits, like fashion, hair & make-up].
pink-aisle adj.

PKF: org. A fictional action sorority, Rho Kappa Digamma, at Studio 126.
[Ancient Greek notation of "126"]

roothead: n. An action doll with rooted hair, usually female. [☥]

Sextilian: n. A 1/6th-scale figure, particularly a male one. [Lat. sextilis, "one sixth" + -ian]

sextilianist n. A playscale figure miniaturist.

Sextilienne: n. A Sextilian female.

trake n. A BARBIE with a broken "larynx" pin, usually having a hole in its throat. [From its resemblance to a tracheotomy]

wighead: n. An action doll with a wig for hair, usually female. [Ω]

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