Saturday, October 19, 2013

Barbie-based ''Janes''

In 1995, Mattel created the "Flying Hero" series in order to compete with the Power Rangers, a popular children's television show. This poly-ethnic quartette included Barbie, Teresa, Kira and Christie as fantasy heroines more than action adventuresses [a.k.a. Janes]. But they had just enough articulation (and flat feet) to be recruited into the ranks of the latter. To sextilianists, this was especially good news. Not only could these four heroines be added to their collection, these bodies accommodated most of Mattel's and Disney's lines of head sculpts. And, these bodies could wear all of Barbie's active wear, casual wear and formal wear.

Mattel has since discontinued this figure and changed the measurements on its newer figures, so that newer clothes are no longer compatible. But, in the non-Barbie groups listed on my associated Yuku profile, you will find a new generation of much better articulated female action dolls that are available today.

Fun fact: The prototype for the Cy Girls was a Barbie head on a GI Jane body...!

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